Al-Juman Group provides all services that included in the field of contracting, whether construction and building work, architectural designs, project supervision, plumbing, maintenance, electricity, and others. These services are as follows…

We provide everything related to construction and building work, and these works that we provide are represented in the implementation of demobilization work for various buildings and facilities with everything related to infrastructure from beginning to end.

We have highly qualified and experienced engineers in making architectural and construction drawings, in addition to the full ability to implement these drawings very accurately and at the best possible cost.

We also have great experience in all mechanical works that are represented in the installation and equipment of air conditioners, pipelines, sewage, flood networks, public service networks for residential complexes and others.

We provide all electrical works such as lighting, frequency change, airport works, generating stations, transformers, public service networks, infrastructure works, communications, control, and others.

We provide all interior and exterior decoration works, installation of key bond boards, curtain wall glass, and skylights for all investment and residential markets and towers.

We are very distinguished in all cleaning, maintenance and operation work, so we are confident in providing the best services related to finishing works, which include painting and gypsum board works with the best materials.

The company’s strategy in providing maintenance services, Maintaining the assets and equipment of the customer provided with the service and carrying out preventive maintenance in accordance with the highest quality¬†standards